BlackBerry Z10 Porsche pictures appear


The new BlackBerry Z10 design is done by Porsche and, thanks to this, we finally have a smartphone by BlackBerry we actually want to hold in our hands. The partnership between the carmaker and smartphone maker isn’t from yesterday – their first project together was the BlackBerry P9981. The new Z10 will consequentialy be P9982, and its stunning exterior will be coupled with a new skin for BB OS 10. The price, however, will probably exceed $2000. Which is still a much better offer than, you know, Vertu.

Alas, according to Unwired View’s rational opinion, BlackBerry shouldn’t be even thinking of niche devices right now, seeing that the Z10 has failed to win the masses, and the upcoming 5-incher with yesteryear’s specs is shaping up as another dissappointment.

Source: Unwired View