BitTorrent brings ‘Bleep’, a fresh, secure and decentralized chat platform


Bleep is what BitTorrent calls its new messaging platform, a decentralized communication platform design to protect your anonimity and your metadata.





As BitTorrent’s Jaehee Lee explains, the main idea of Bleep is apply distributed technology to conversations, meaning no servers required. BitTorrent will not track who you’re talking to, what messages you send or when your conversations happened.




This way, the chat program will facilitate users to communicate without fear of being listened to by strangers. For now, Bleep is only available in an invite-only pre-alpha for Windows 7 and 8 desktop users, without offline messagind support, with the posibility of signing in incognito. For more information click here and for signing in for the pre-alpha, click here.

Source: engadget