Audi offers virtual tours with the car by using the VR system


Starting this year, Audi will integrate the virtual reality in the cars buying process, giving the possible customers the opportunity of customizing the car and of taking it in a Moon trip, all these with a VR system.


By using the VR goggles, you can get to know an Audi car from the exterior to the very inside of the engine, watching all the details and being able to change whatever you like in it, in real time, by using the virtual reality in a way that offers you the car you always wanted.


Even if you can’t afford an Audi car, the virtual reality experience can be tried by the fans, and that’s because standing inside the car with the goggles fixed on your nose, makes you able to travel in Paris or on the Moon. And that’s because Audi plans to offer virtual experiential sequences to the curious ones.

Source: engadget