AT & T presented the details of the LG G Vista 2 (Video)


The successor to last year’s LG G Vista, was presented by AT & T. Under the name G Vista 2, the device comes with an eight-core processor (most – probably Snapdragon 615) and 5.7 – inch 1080p display.


Here we find 2GB RAM and 16GB expandable. In terms of cameras G Vista 2 is 5MP and 13MP main front. The device will run Android and comes with a pen. In terms of software, the new proposal by LG with Knock On, Knock Code, QSlide, and Quick Memo.


While AT & T didn’t mention how much it will cost smartphone, the only thing we know is that it will be “revolutionary”. It is not yet known when LG will launch the device in the markets.


In the video you will see the most – important details G Vista 2, and why built pen is really important.