Aria is an accessory that controls your smartwatch with hand gestures [video]


If you just can’t find a free hand to scroll on your smartwatch of if you are just too lazy to move your hand from the couch, Aria is a small accessory that attaches under your smartwatch allowing you to control your smartwatch with hand gestures.


With this accessory, you can control all your smartwatch’s features, as you would do through watch dial or touch screen, but now you will have a free hand to eat, drink, answer the phone with, while checking your smartwatch notifications, of course, if you can to two things at the same time.


Watch the presentation video below to see how this Aria device works, but notice that it is compatible with Android Wear and Pebble Time, no Apple Watch. Aria is going to be a Kickstarter project, costing $169, respectively $69, depending on your smartwatch.


Source: engadget