Apple’s Watch 3 crashing when asked about the weather

- Adrian Ungureanu

It was the best week for Apple’s Watch 3 Series as two, pretty important issues were reported in less than 7 days.

The first one, was that the non-cellular variant of the Watch 3 is affected by some stripes that may appear on the side on the display, due to moisture, which we talked about last week. Now, a number of users reported on Reddit that their Watch 3 was crashing when asked about the weather.

Strangely enough the device didn’t crashed when asked about the weather on future days, but only on “Today’s weather”. On Reddit users guessed that that might a one time bug, as last weekend was the end of Daylight Saving Time period, which took place Sunday morning.

It’s not the first time Apple screws things with Daylight Saving Time. In 2013, on their first Watch, they moved the clock one hour in the wrong direction messing the users schedules.