Apple’s market value might reach $1 trillion this year

- Adrian Ungureanu

Apple’s financial results for the first three months of this year and the high anticipation for the iPhones that will be release in the fall, brings investors confidence to a new high and Apple’s market value jumped over the $800 billion milestone, the first American company to do that.

The world’s capitalization record is held by PetroChina who reached the $1 billion mark in 2007 and Wall Street analysts think that Apple has the chance to reach the same value this year if everything goes well.

Drexel Hamilton analyst Brian White released Apple’s highest price target on the Street on Monday, which at $202 a share would put Apple over the $1 trillion mark this year.

So you can get a better picture of how much this means, according to World Bank’s statistics, there are only 15 countries in the world that have a GDP bigger than $1 trillion. Mexico is the 15th country, with a GDP of $1,14 trillion, in 2015. India had a GDP at $2 billion. USA’s GDP in 2015 was at around $18 billion.