Apple works on a glucose sensor for Apple Watch

- Adrian Ungureanu

Smartwatches are coming with a wide variety of monitoring sensors. Watches can monitor out physical activity, the number of steps made in a day, the amount of calories burnt throughout the day, they can measure the heart rate, the quality of our sleep and so on.

But Apple has even bigger plans. It wants to bring a glucose sensor. This sensor should measure the amount of sugar in our blood. Apple hopes for a none-invasive method which would be a first for the entire medical industry not just for the tech world.

As you might know, the best way to measure sugar levels is the actually test a blood sample. But Apple wants to find a way that doesn’t include needles. Close sources say that Apple’s solution involves an optical sensor capable of measuring indications of glucose in the blood stream through a user’s skin.

So, even if Apple find a viable solution it would provide purely indicative information not the precise value of glucose in your blood. It would be helpful, but not something to rely on, as it may give misread information.

This was supposed to be a ”super secret” project but it seems that Apple is ready to conduct feasibility trials, a major step toward gaining necessary federal regulatory approvals.