Apple to turn to glass-film touch display for Watch 3 Series

- Adrian Ungureanu

Apple made the decision to go with a touch on lens (TOL) panel for the Apple Watch 2 Series, giving up on the two pieces of glass touch panels is used on the original Apple Watch series. Know, the Cupertino company decided to make another change for the Apple Watch 3 Series.

It seems that the TOL tech that was used for Watch 2 series has problems, mainly because of the curve in the screen. The panels provided by TPK Holdings had very low yield rates and the company started losing money, therefore stopped supplying glass panels for the Apple Watch in the hope that it can return to profitability.

Meanwhile, Apple has reportedly decided to move to a different form of panel for the Apple Watch Series 3. For the next version of the Apple Watch, the gang in Cupertino is said to be turning to G/F (glass-film). Possible suppliers will be General Interface Solutions out of Taiwan, or Hong Kong’s Biel Crystal Manufactory.

Shipments of the G/F panels will start in the second half of the year, which confirms the plans for Apple to release the Watch 3 Series in autumn.