Apple to launch 3 iPhones in 2019, too! All of them with OLED panels

- Adrian Ungureanu

Most rumors suggest that this fall Apple will release three iPhone. Two of them will have OLED screens and will be the direct successors for iPhone X. A third model will be equipped with LCD and will be a cheaper version of the iPhone X.

But there are already talks about Apple’s plans for next year. The rumors say that Apple will launch three smartphone in 2019, too, but all of them will be equipped with OLED panels. And those rumors are pretty good since JDI’s shares have collapsed 10% shortly after the rumors appeared. Japan Display Inc (JDI) is the main LCD suppliers for Apple.

At the same time, it is said that LG will be among OLED providers alongside Samsung, which is why LG Display shares have increased by 5% after the rumors started spreading.