Apple to go only for big screens iPhones in 2018

- Adrian Ungureanu

The latest leaks of information from South Korea bring up some interesting news about Apple’s 2018 smartphone, namely display sizes, as the Cupertino-based giant is ready to go all-in for big screens.

According to The Investor, Apple had originally given panel orders to Samsung Display, its sole OLED supplier, under a plan to launch three OLED iPhones next year — 5.28-, 5.85-, and 6.46-inch models. But the report said the development work for the 5.28-inch model has recently been suspended possibly due to the low marketability of the smaller version.

While ditching the 5.28-inch OLED model, Apple has reportedly made new panel orders to LCD producer Japan Display for a 6 plus-inch model.

Apple preferred to use 4-inch smaller screens for its iPhone. Even though it started launching a larger 5-inch model since 2014, it has maintained 4-inch models, including the 4.7-inch variant for the latest iPhone 8.

Industry watchers say Apple’s strategic change comes amid the popularity of larger-screen phones for video viewing. For its archrival Samsung Electronics, the 6.2-inch Galaxy S8 Plus has outpaced its smaller 5.8-inch sibling in terms of sales.