Apple to ditch the Qualcomm’s modems – MediaTek to take its place

- Adrian Ungureanu

Apple and Qualcomm have their fued over the royalties and most of the problems comes as Apple uses some Qualcomm patents, that the Cupertino-based giant thinks are overpriced by the chipmaker.

Apple already gets modems for their iPhones and iPads from Intel, but they’re thinking of ditching the modems from Qualcomm, amidst their legal disputes, and might hire MediaTek as a supplier.

It’ll be another big blow for Qualcomm who’s revenues drastically dropped because of their issues with Apple. This year Apple decided to add Intel as a supplier reducing the amount of modems bought from Qualcomm. This decision landed a $1.1 billion blow to Qualcomm’s modem chip revenue, in 2017. There’s also an over $1 billion damage, if not even more, due to the stopping of payments towards Qualcomm as royalties for using their patents on the Apple AX processors.

They say, that this is to teach Qualcomm a lesson that being the biggest smartphone maker in the world doesn’t mean you can actual bully anyone. Specially if that anyone has it’s headquarters in Cupertino, California, and is the most valuable tech company in the world.