Apple sacrificed FaceID’s accuracy and performance to produce iPhone X faster

- Adrian Ungureanu

I don’t know how these new are going to fit with those that doubt the 3D facial recognition or those who said Apple made a mistake when they ditched TouchID, but it seems the FaceID’s accuracy and performance has been sacrificed to increase the production of iPhone X.

The iPhone X will be delivered on November 3, as promised back in September by Apple, in limited stocks, and with cuts in quality, a compromise that you wouldn’t expect from a high-demanding company such as the Cupertino-based tech giant.

Word goes that the laser modules are very fragile and hard to make, so the suppliers didn’t meet Apple requirements in quality and production speed. So the FaceID, which is a 3D facial recognition system, was the component that dragged down the iPhone X production, because it’s too complex. They even say that one of the laser modules suppliers has stepped out and only LG and Sharp were left. To increase the production rate Apple had to make a compromise.

There’s no detail about the compromise, but they say it’s going to affect the accuracy and performance. So it may work slower than advertised. Anyway. Maybe it won’t be something noticeable. Who knows?! Only time will tell if Apple was right to go all-in for the FaceID, ditching the TouchID.