Apple readying 12.9-inch iPad Maxi?


Here’s a wild, 13-inches big rumour to add to your personal rumour list. According to korean website ETNews, Apple is looking for suppliers of a 12.9-inch display for an unannounced iPad Maxi set to debut in 2014. With this jumbo-sized tablet Apple is taking aim at the 13-inch ultrabook/hybrid market, and is looking to offer it to US educational institutions as a replacement for textbooks. It is also reported that Apple is working on a new anti-glare display technology. Now that would be really welcome.

It remains unclear whether Apple will also offer a dock-station with a keyboard and bigger battery as an official accessory. Otherwise, even if it’s marketed as an ultrabook, iPad Maxi is simply a huge iPad in a 7-inch loving market.

Source: Unwired View