Apple ready to redesign iOS?


Something particular about iOS and most Apple software’s design is the usage of skeomorphism – recreating physical materials such as paper, wood, leather, books and hardware in the form of digital interfaces. The first step to redesigning iOS is finally made. The new version of Apple’s Podcasts app looks dramatically different. From this:


to this:



Granted, we are nerds and we’ll miss the tape deck – even though its completely out of place in an app for internet-streamed audio. But the thing is, such flashy and impressive design language is unfit for an always connected user society. Android and Windows Phone turned the information itself into decoration, with WP’s live tiles and HTC One’s BlinkFeed being the radical examples. Both replace something as conservative as the mobile desktop – the first thing you see when you power up your smartphone, with information updated in real time. There is hardly time and space for app icons, what about faux leather and shadows?

Ofcourse, this change doesn’t mean that iOS will suddenly turn into a different beast. But the fact that Apple has made its first departure from the track it has been following since 2007 is significant.

Source: PhoneArena