Apple ordered to pay $440 million for infringing VirnetX’s patents in FaceTime

- Adrian Ungureanu

It seems that Apple is losing lawsuits from time to time. VirnetX is not resounding name, but apparently it hold several internet security patents and some of them are infringed by Apple in their FaceTime and other iOS apps.

At least this is what the US Court decided more than one time in the past four years. Back in 2013 Apple was found guilty of infringing VirnetX patents and had to pay $368 million. The company didn’t repurchase the license then, so VirnetX struck with another case. Now the US Court ruled that Apple has to pay nearly $440 million for the very same patents.

The Court granted all VirnetX’s motions for ”willful infringement and enhancing the royalty rate during the willfulness period”. The verdict consists $302.4 million in fines, $41 million in penalties for “willful infringement” and costs for the case, including attorney fees. VirnetX is also owed $1.80 per infringed device, including iPhones, iPads, and Macs.

According to Bloomberg, the US Patent and Trademark Office ruled all four of the acclaimed patents were invalid. The patent battle continues, but until it is entirely over, Apple is still allowed to use them.

VirnetX is specialized in patenting technologies for secure LTE communications. Technically, the company does not manufacture anything, it just owns over 80 Internet security patents and makes money by suing other companies.