Apple missed iPhone sales forecast for fiscal Q2

- Adrian Ungureanu

Apple published its financial report for fiscal second quarter (January-March 2017) and the results reveal that the Cupertino giant sold less iPhones that it was expected and the upcoming iPhone 8 might be to blame.

With analysts expecting about 52 million iPhone handsets to have been rung up in the three months ended in March, Apple said that 50.8 million units were actually sold. CEO Tim Cook told CNBC that the company is noticing “a delay in purchasing behavior.”

That could be due to the 10th anniversary Apple iPhone 8 that is expected to be released later this year with many new features, including an AMOLED screen. As Apple’s CEO points out, Consumers could be holding off on purchasing a new iOS powered handset until the premium iPhone 8 is unveiled later this year.

Part of the problem with iPhone sales for the 2017 fiscal second quarter was that overall, the company reported a 14% sales decline year-over-year in China. According to Tim Cook, not including China, Apple grew iPhone sales “nicely” during the three month period that ended in March.

For the 2017 fiscal second quarter, Apple reported $52.9 billion in revenue vs. the $50.56 billion it grossed last year. That works out to a 4.6% gain in the top line. Earnings per share rose 10.5% to $2.10 per share vs. $1.90 per share for the 2016 quarter. Apple made $11.03 billion in profits from January through March 2017, against the $10.52 billion in profits it garnered during the same quarter last year.