Apple might surprise us with a new iPhone, next month

- Adrian Ungureanu

Until the major releases that will take place in the fall, the Cupertino tech giant might unveil a new iPhone, next month. Apple could unveil the second generation of iPhone SE, the 2017 edition, or so the Chinese sources claim.

An alleged photo of iPhone SE’s back panels has also leaked and a list which gives us some more information. If the photo is legit, we should see a glassy iPhone SE unveil on June 5, when Worldwide Developers Conference (WWDC) 2017, in scheduled to start.

Although the name isn’t confirmed yet, the second generation iPhone SE appears to have a glass back, confirming Apple is making a shift from metal. The camera setup is also vertical as the LED flash now sits directly underneath the camera lens.

The image also reveals that the shell is made of Ion-X glass, the same used for the Apple Watch Sports. The Ion-X glass is more flexible, lighter and less expensive than sapphire but it is also more prone to scratches. Since the iPhone SE is currently Apple’s cheapest smartphone, it is not hard to see why they are settling for the material.