Apple hires former NASA expert to work on its AR projects

- Adrian Ungureanu

Apple said more than once that augmented reality (AR) is the next major bet and that its ready to go the extra mile to bring AR devices and services on the market. In fact Tim Cook himself admitted that the company will be heavily investing in AR projects.

And for that Apple has hired former NASA JPL augmented reality expert Jeff Norris to help shape its AR projects, according to Bloomberg. Norris apparently joined the AR team as senior manager under former Dolby Labs executive Mike Rockwell earlier this year, though none of the parties involved confirmed Bloomberg’s story. Taking what he did while he was with NASA into account, Apple might conjure up some very interesting products and services.

He worked on many projects as Mission Operations Innovation chief at NASA JPL, including building the Mars 2020 rover in mixed reality. Norris also led the development of a HoloLens experience that puts you on Mars with Buzz Aldrin (see image above), as well as a project called Sidekick that makes remote collaboration easier for astronauts and ground-based scientists by using holograms.