Apple found an unexpected solution for iPhone 8’s Touch ID

- Adrian Ungureanu

As you already know, Apple decided not to go for an in-display Touch ID sensor and because of that the latest rumors suggest iPhone 8 will be launched later then 7s and 7s, most likely in November, because Apple doesn’t really want to leave the anniversary iPhone without the Touch ID.

Because is already too late, Apple has finally decided to launch the iPhone 8 without the Touch ID, so they can start the production, but they came up with the idea to put inside the box a Touch ID dongle!

To make things better for the fans that might have wanted an in-display fingerprint scanner, Apple will giveaway free the dongles for the first 100.000 buyers. The rest of the customers will be charge and extra $100 and they will not have the option not to buy it.

Why? You might ask! Because, Apple decided to make the fingerprint scanning mandatory in the initial configuration of the phone so they could show off that they integrated the Touch ID into the display. But the plans were made back in April, when Apple was sure that they could make it possible.

And this phase cannot be skipped because is a hardwired into iOS 11 and they don’t have time to rewrite the entire operating system, because the security programmers are going in vacation next week for a month.

Of course, this article is a pamphlet and it show be treated like-wise. A weekend joke inspired by the “crazy folks” at Product Hunt who posted that crazy picture from above on their Facebook page.