Apple falls 5th in China – Samsung is outside Top 5 biggest smartphone vendors

- Adrian Ungureanu

The Chinese smartphone manufacturers have gained control of their own market a couple of years back and now they are consolidating their leadership.

In Q2 2017, Huawei retained its place as the leader of the Chinese market, with 23 million units sold during Q2 2017 and Oppo is in second place with 21 million units, a significant 37% year to year increase when compared with 2016! Vivo took third place with 16 million shipments between April and June.

Xiaomi rose one spot, on the 4th place, overtaking Apple that is now only on the fifth place. If we combine the 5 aforementioned companies, then they account for approximately 75% of all shipments in China, and the first 4 add 10% to their cumulative share.

Unfortunately for Samsung they don’t show up in the Top 5, but they lost their grip on the Chinese market for some time now.