Apple charged big by Samsung for its OLED panels

- Adrian Ungureanu

Samsung earned a new contract with Apple. The Korean tech giant was granted a 4.3 billion dollars contract to produce 60 million OLED panels for the iPhone maker, taking advantage of the fact that it is the biggest OLED display manufacturer at this moment.

So, if we do the math, we can see that Apple pay an average of $71 per panel to Samsung, a much larger cost than de $40 per panel paid by the American’s for the iPhone 7 series.

This is the second contract landed by Apple to Samsung. Last year the two rivals on the smartphone market made a deal for 100 million OLED panels (contract worth at $2.3 billion), that will equip the iPhone 7s series, that will be launched in autumn. This new contract, is for 60 million flexible OLED panels, that will be installed on the anniversary iPhone that will celebrate 10 years of iPhone history.