Another blow for Qualcomm – it was fined in Taiwan with $773 million

- Adrian Ungureanu

Qualcomm has got itself in real big doo doo after many years of abusing its dominat position on the mobile chip market. We have the huge fines it got in China and South Korea, but now Taiwan landed another blow to Qualcomm’s budget.

The antitrust authorities decided to fined Qualcomm with NT$23.4 billion, which is around US$773 million after seven years of violating local laws. In all this time, Qualcomm collected NT$400 billion (~US$13 billion) in licensing fees from local companies, even though the Taiwanese companies had purchased US$30 billion baseband chips.

Qualcomm was already fined in China with around $975 million and in South Korea with about $910 million. Adding the fine in Taiwan we reach the total amount of fines of $2.65 billion.

The American firm, didn’t even tried to deny the verdict as if it was innocent, instead it officially announced that it’ll appeal the amount of the fine and the method it was calculated.

The fine bears no rational relationship to the amount of Qualcomm’s revenues or activities in Taiwan, and Qualcomm will appeal the amount of the fine and the method used to calculate it”, said Qualcomm officials after de verdict.

To me it sounds like even Qualcomm admits it’s been unfair all these years, and is just unsatisfied with the amount of the fine.

And this is just de beginning, because Qualcomm is investigated in other countries too. Even in the US. And there are the legal disputes with the hardware manufacturer. The biggest name in Apple, which also accuses Qualcomm for abusing its dominat position and asks overpriced royalties. They’ve already lost a round against Apple.