Another Apple Store evacuated because of an incendiary battery

- Adrian Ungureanu

The situation is becoming more delicate for Apple as the battery scandal takes a new turn, with two Apple Store in Europe being evacuated after faulty batteries burst in flames, two days in a row.

First it was the Zurich Apple Store, on Tuesday. A battery from an “unnamed” device, which everybody thinks was an iPhone, caught up in flames while handled by an employee of the store, and 50 people inside the store had to be evacuated. Fortunately the damages were minor. The employee handling the battery suffered only some minor burns on his hand and nothing more. Still a firetruck, a police car were dispatched at the side. 7 people needed medical care, but none were transported to the hospital.

On Wednesday, a similar incident happened in Spain, in the Apple Store from Valencia. The battery inside an iPhone brought in for repairs exploded. Firefighters and police were called a the store but fortunately their intervention wasn’t really necessary, as Apple workers managed to air out the store by opening windows and smothering the battery with sand. It seems that all Apple Store employees get the same training.

While those incidents prove that the Apple Stores workers have the necessary skills to deal with such incidents, but it’s a worrying trend for Apple. And it comes in a pretty delicate context. Apple admitted that it was throttling the old iPhone models with aging batteries. They even apologized for keeping it a secret from the clients.

To make things better for the fans, Apple decided to discount the replacement costs for batteries from $79 to $29. So many iPhone users are coming in store to take advantage of the discounts. Hopefully, something like this will not happen again. But still, there were two similar incidents happened two days in a row.

Is there more behind Apple decision to throttle old iPhones with aging batteries than just preventing accidental shutdowns? The lack o transparency from Apple before everything went out in public is sure making us wonder.