Announced the official date for the submission of ZUK Z1


All that patiently wait to see the new ZUK Z1. This will be the first smartphone of the new company by Lenovo, which, according to the information so far will focus primarily on the software and user interface. This does not mean that the device will appear with midrange features, as we learned exactly the opposite – Z1 is a high-end specifications.

At – Earlier today, the company has officially confirmed through Weibo, that on August 8, will be held a press conference where the focus will be ZUK Z1. From what we heard, we can expect a good level of performance.


Now we know that there’s an available port USB Type-C 3.0. This not only increases data transfer, but also the opportunity for fast charging. Even if this is not the first device that will boast a USB Type-C, this is the first with USB 3.0.


The other part is also high class. This smartphone comes with a U-Touch fingerprint sensor, which is integrated directly into the main button. With regard to the forward battery 4000 mAh +, which makes it one of the few Z1 phones with large batteries. The good news does not end here – Snapdragon 810 in the company of 3GB RAM will compliment the picture.


The company already has a strategic partnership with (one of the – largest e-commerce sites in China) and we can expect ZUK Z1 to appear there first. Still no word on the price and whether it will be available outside China, and we hope that the amount is not very high and we can soon keep it in your hands in – comprehensive review.