Anniversary iPhone to support augmented reality

- Adrian Ungureanu

Apple CEO, Tim Cook, kept talking about augmented reality in the past half a year “that is big with the company and that they will invest in it”. Rumors keep spreading about Apple plans with AR and VR technologies and it seems that the anniversary iPhone that will be unveiled this year might support augmented reality.

Goldman Sachs analyst, Simona Jankowski noted in a memo towards the clients, that the next iPhone might come with AR technology. Is one of the rumors that made the prices for Apple shares close on the all-time high in the past few days.

Another analyst, Ming-Chi Kuo, from KGI Securities, has speculated that Apple’s augmented reality tech will be 3-5 years ahead of the competition. This analyst is known for the accuracy of his information so will give him credit this time too.

As another reason to believe that Apple will get augmented reality solutions on iPhone 8 or iPhone X, which will be unveiled along side iPhone 7s and 7s Plus in autumn, is that Apple started is working closely with Lumentum, a tech company developing 3D sensing technology. During its last earnings conference call Lumentum spoke of a ” high volume mobile device application”.

Put all of this pieces of information together and it get harder not to think that Apple has big plans with augmented reality, just as Tim Cook suggested in the past.