Andy Rubin is looking to sell Essential

- Adrian Ungureanu

Things didn’t go to smooth on the smartphone market for one of Android’s creators, Andy Rubin, who last year at this time grabbed our attention with the Essential Phone.

The phone was released in May last year and surprised us mainly with its unique design, featuring a strange display with a small cut-out around the front camera, and the company announced itself as a new smartphone competitor.

Essential was backed by its founder Andy Rubin, a reputed engineer, a man who seemed to know what he was doing. Things did not go well. First, there were problems with production so Essential Phone arrived late in stores.

The phone’s reception was far from being a warm one, the results being disappointing from the start, probably because of the high price of $700. Sales haven’t gained and traction later either, and the company has continued to cut the price of the phone just to clear the stocks.

The development of the company’s second smartphone should have been completed so far, if not we even launched by now, but the process has been canceled and Andy Rubin is already looking for a potential investor that might even want to buy his company.

It will be quite difficult to attract a buyer. In about 9-10 months since it  was available in stores, Essential Phone has attracted only about 150,000 buyers, a really modest amount.