Android users more loyal the iOS user, study says

- Adrian Ungureanu

Yes! It sounds a bit strange, especially considering the intensity of their arguments when iOS users defend their iDevices when some reckless Android user tries to say something bad about Apple’s software platform or gadgets.

But, I have to admit, that I’ve never thought Android users can be so loyal Google’s platform. We’re not talking about who argues harder, but about the willingness of change sides. And it seems that Android users don’t switch sides so easy.

A study by the the American research firm Consumer Intelligence Research Partners (CIRP) reveals that between May 2014 and December 2017, Android users’ retention rate is higher than among users of iOS devices.

In other words, the percentage of those who passed from iOS to Apple’s rival platform was higher than the other way around. Somewhat, this can be explained by the fact that, though not by very much, the market share of the Android platform has continued to grow in recent years. The latest IDC report shows a market share of over 85% for Android devices.

Much more interesting is the fact that the data is from the US market, highly attached to Apple products, which are considered as American products, while the Android platform, though belonging to an American company, is found mainly on the devices of non-US manufacturers. Google is the only major company that sells Android devices, and Motorola is still being considered a an American brand, although it is now owned by a Chinese company, Lenovo.

According to CIRP, Apple is, however, the company that has best developed its business around its platform. It seems the differentiation between the two platforms is given by services and apps, and revenue growth for Apple and Google can grow from the services provided on the two proprietary platforms.

Here, Apple is much ahead Google. The have the better customers, as they are willing to pay for what they get through iOS, while Android, though more widespread, is dominated by users who have become accustomed to receive stuff for free.