Android in April: + 10% in favor of the Lollipop


Google released statistics on the spread of Android in April. Not surprisingly, the share of Android 5.0 has increased significantly by almost 10% of all devices.


  • Currently, Android 5.0 works with 9% of all smart suggestions – 5% increased spread for a month


  • The new version Android 5.1 Lollipop has just 0.7% share, compared to 0.4% in March


  • Profits of Android Lollipop largely thanks to KitKat  


  • Android 4.4 is dipped down to 39.8% (from 41.4% last month)


  • Android Jelly Bean has barely changed in the share distribution in April, in combination with – older versions of this OS work with almost 40% of all devices    


  • Introduced in 2011 Android Ice Cream Sanwich can still be detected in 5.3%


  •    By – surprise here is that Android 2.3 Gingerbread refuses to cover. The five-year OS still works with targets 5.7 percent of mobile offers