Android apps to generate bigger revenue than iOS apps this year

- Adrian Ungureanu

2017 might be the first year when Android mobile applications will generate more revenue then iOS apps, as App Annie, predicts that Google and its third parties will sale more apps than Apple.

The analytical company released a new report that shows that mobile app market will reach this year 195 billion downloads and around $81 billion in revenue. Last year there were 140 billion downloads and $64 billion in revenue.

For this year, 165 billion of downloads will be on Android devices and the total amount of revenue will be around $41 billion, just over the $40 billion prediction for iOS apps. So, if the predictions are right, Android apps will generate bigger revenue than the iOS apps this year.

We still have to take into account the fact that 8 out of 10 mobile devices in the world have Android OS on board. Also, iOS apps are still most profitable, while Android app ecosystem is still dominated by freeware.

As for the next 5 years, App Annie expects that the market to grow up to 360 billion downloads and a total revenue of $139 billion, with Apple App Store maintaining its status as the most profitable app store, which will counted $60 billion in revenue in 2021.