Analyst: iPhone 8 to be priced at $1,100

- Adrian Ungureanu

As you already know, specially if you are an iPhone fan, Apple celebrates 10 year since it launched the first iPhone. Apple plans to mark a decade of iPhone history by launching a special smartphone which were commonly referring to it as iPhone 8.

It might get a totally different name and this thought is shared by many. J.P. Morgan’s Robert Hall think Apple will call this it “iPhone Pro”, which would be a surprise since Apple already used the “Pro” moniker on its iPads and Macs.

It is expected to be a revolutionary smartphone, though recent rumors suggest that it might be stripped of some of its most anticipated features. The in-diplay fingerprint scanner might be ditched and it’s believed that Apple will go for a fingeprint scanner embedded in the Power button.

Also, other rumors suggest the anniversary iPhone might be launched with its wireless charging and 3D face recognition features deactivated due to some software issues.

Still, there are hopes that the anniversary iPhone would get some advanced features and this features will make this iPhone the most expensive every launched.

Speculation about its price going at $1,000 appeared already at the beginning of the year, but now Robert Hall, analyst at J.P. Morgan thinks it’s going to be even more expensive, estimating a price tag around $1,100.

If Apple fails to deliver the most anticipated features I don’t see how they will manage to set such a high price tag, but (no offense) there are many Apple fans ready to spent some serious cash for a product that could also be cheaper.