Americans want the Nokia 8, but HMD Global says that’s not possible

- Adrian Ungureanu

USA was, as many other countries, a market where Nokia had a lot of traction, but we can’t ignore that since its comeback, the US didn’t looked like a main focus in HMD Global and Nokia new strategy.

If I’m not mistaking only Nokia 6 was officially launched in the US. The others, Nokia 3, 5 and 8 aren’t available. Even more, if you look up into any of the BIG Four carriers, none have Nokia smartphones in their offer.

Anyway, the Americans hope for the flagship to arrive in the US, but an official response from the new manufacturer of Nokia-branded smartphones, HMD Global, clearly states that Nokia 8 will not be launched in the country.

“To a disappointment, we will not be launching the Nokia 8 in the USA. The Nokia 8 is not properly banded for the US to ensure our pledge of 110% consumer satisfaction. I apologize for the disappointing information, but please stay tuned for future US based devices, as we are developing the portfolio”.

So, it’s pretty clear that Nokia 8 won’t go in the US because of technical issues and the Americans should wait for future models, not the current ones. Even so, rumors adamantly believe that a batch of specially prepared Nokia 8, that will work in the US, will arrive in Q1 2018.