AMC, artworks with recycled materials for the Environment Day


Students of Fine Arts Academy displayed in the outside premises of AMC a number of artworks, entirely crafted with recycled materials. AMC’s support to this exhibition has been provided in the frame of the World Environment Day. The students had transformed urban waste – such as broken glass, plastics, metal and packaging paper – into human silhouettes and decorative garments. 

Nearly two years ago, AMC launched the AMC Green initiative, which encompasses its engagement in caring for the environment. On the World Environment Day, AMC Operational and Administrative Director, Mr. Robert Wood, noted the measures taken by the company to meet the international standards of environmental management. “During 2011, AMC has lowered carbon dioxide emissions with 27%, paper consumption with 4%, while reducing electricity and fuel consumption with 1.4%”, Mr. Wood said.

These are only the initial figures. AMC’s contribution for a cleaner environment and an improved quality of life will be continuous and results will become even more tangible.