Amazon to add more than 15,000 jobs in Europe this year

- Adrian Ungureanu

Amazon has big plans to expand the European branch this year and said to invest more this year and also to hire more people to support the expansion plans.

It is not a rumor, as the company officially announced those plans in a press release. “We continue to invest heavily across Europe in fulfillment, customer service, cloud technology, research and development, machine learning, advanced logistics, and much more,” said Xavier Garambois, vice president of Amazon EU Retail in a statement. “With these investments comes an ever-increasing number of new job opportunities.”

In a press release, the company said that in 2016 it added 10,000 full-time jobs in Europe, bringing its total employment base here to 50,000. In 2017, the company said it will be adding another 15,000 full-time jobs, getting by the end of the to over 65,000 employees.

Amazon has employees in UK, Ireland, Italy, Spain, Germany, France, Slovakia, Czech Republic, Austria, Romania, Sweden, Holland, Poland and Belgium,