Alleged OnePlus 5 prototype ”caught in the wild”

- Adrian Ungureanu

An alleged prototype of the new ”flagship killer” was photographed in the wild and with this occasion we get to confirm some details about the OnePlus smartphone.

A few days ago a new render suggested that the OnePlus 5 will sport a dual camera that was set horizontally, despite that previous renders that show the camera to be set vertically. Well, this picture confirms the older ones.

Design-wise, we can’t spot any major differences between this model and OnePlus 3T. Personally, I think that OnePlsu 5 should and could be different in looks. Also, we don’t see any fingerprint scanner at the back, which means it’ll stay at the front, so there won’t be to many changes there, either.

OnePlus 5 will be launched this summer, this being confirmed by the Chinese company itself. They didn’t mentioned the exact date, but it’s expected that OnePlus 5 to be unveiled in June.