All Google Pixel 2017 devices will get Snapdragon 835

- Adrian Ungureanu

Google should update its Pixel devices portfolio in the second half of this year, sometimes in autumn, and we find now that all the devices that will be released will get Qualcomm’s best chipsets, the Snapdragon 835. Code commits in the Android Open Source Project were spotted that give this away.

Hopefully, the Snapdragon 835 will still be the best in the fall as we know that Qualcomm and Samsung already started working on the next generation of high end mobile chipsets the Snapdragon 845.

This year’s Pixel portfolio from Google might be bigger this year and we expect not 2, but 3 devices, as rumors suggest that the company works on a mysterious device codemaned “taimen”.

The taimen is a large trout related fish that can be found in Mongolia, therefore the rumors say that “taimen” is a larger device. Besides, it doesn’t fit to well with “muskie” (codename for Pixel 2) and “walleye” (Pixel 2 XL) that are smaller species of fish, that are native to the North American continent.

There are still many unknowns, so we can just assume by these codenames that “taimen” could be a Google Pixel tablet.