A Sony smartphone with Android 8.0 on board was spotted at AnTuTu

- Adrian Ungureanu

Sony is preparing a new smartphone and that’s for sure as a new device was spotted at AnTuTu, dubbed Sony G8441, which is thought to be the upcoming Xperia XZ1 Compact.

The phone features a mix of mid-range and high-end specs. Sony G8441 is equipped with Snapdragon 835 processor coupled with Adreno 540 GPU, which proves its high-end nature.

At the other end we see a modest display sporting a rather modest resolution 720 × 1280 pixels, which means that the Adreno 540 GPU won’t be able to display their full potential.

From the listings we see that Sony G8441 will include 4GB RAM and 32GB memory, and 8MP cameras at both sides. Previous rumors suggested tht Sony G8441 would get a dual camera at the back, but AnTuTu can’t reveal the nature of the camera individually, as it can read only two camera sensors.

But one the most important things we find about this Sony devices is that it runs on Android 8.0, which means it could be one of the very first smartphone to get the new OS from Google.