A man who stole over 100 smartphones in one day was caught with Find my iPhone

- Adrian Ungureanu

On Friday, in Indio, California, the Coachella festival was the place for many people to gather in one spot and as it usually happens with large gatherings, thieves are drawn like bees to honey.

One such individual was Reinaldo de Jesus Henao. The 36 year old from New York, crossed the country all the way to California with the goals to make an easy score. Unfortunately for him he got too greedy and stole to many iPhones.

As many of the victims managed to activate the Find my iPhone feature they all were directed to Henao. The festivalgoers followed Henao around the festival grounds, until security came to detain him. When police arrived, it found over 100 stolen Android and iOS phones in Henao’s backpack.

Henao has been arrested and charged with Grand Theft and Possession of Stolen Property. Henao is only one of the many criminals roaming the grounds at Coachella. With over 100,000 visiting the festival every year, there are more than enough pickpockets looking for some easy scores.

It’s pretty ironic, huh? As a “Jesus” gets arrested just before Easter. But this one is clearly no saint!