A cheap Acer phablet may hit the market in June


According to Unwired View, Acer will announce a phablet of their own in June at Taipei’s annual Computex tech fair. The company seems enthusiastic to offer a big-screen smartphone at a price that’s more comfortable for budget-minded users, so you shouldn’t expect anything fancy like the Lenovo K900. However, Acer has an interesting policy of putting additional bells and whistles such as DTS audio even on their cheapest offerings, so their phablet should stand out with a thing or two among its competitors. Indeed, according to Jim Wonger, the device will have “special features in terms of size, camera and software”, and a second phablet, perhaps featuring more impressive specs will be introduced by early 2014.

With every handset maker seemingly aching to compete in the phablet segment, do you think Apple can realistically continue to offer only a puny 4-inch smartphone?

Source: Unwired View