9,000 planted trees by Romtelecom and COSMOTE Romania volunteers


Environment protection is very important for a global sustainable development and for a better quality of life. This year, Romtelecom and COSMOTE Romania continue to involve their employees and customers to be part of their environmental dedicated programs such as Adopt a tree!, from Dolce Sport, Romtelecom’s sport TV channel, respectively I love recycling and Adopt a forest, developed byCOSMOTE Romania. Thus, a cumulated number of 9,000 trees were planted this year in Romtelecom and COSMOTE actions organized together with ViitorPlus, respectively with MaiMultVerde Associations.


“Nature is an important resource for a sustainable society and through our planting actions we actively contribute for a greener environment. This year, with the help of our customers and employees, we succeeded once again in planting a large number of saplings, which we will tend for and grow to maturity”, stated Ruxandra Voda, Corporate Communications General Manager Romania.


On November 2013, 130 Romtelecom’s employees and volunteers of Viitor Plus Association planted a number of 2,000 saplings near Alexandria, Teleorman within Adopt a tree! program, developed by ViitorPlus Association and supported by Dolce Sport, Romtelecom’s TV channel.


In June 2013, Dolce Sport and ViitorPlus Association launched the invitation to run within the fifth edition of the Forest Cross – Dolce Sport in Tineretului park, Bucharest and to support the increase of the reforested areas from the South of the country. The funds gathered from this action were dedicated to planting a tree for each newborn from Romania within the Children Forest campaign, part of Adopt a tree program from ViitorPlus Association. Romtelecom is financially supporting the planting and care of 12,000 tree saplings during the 6 years of project.


On the other hand, as a responsible and active part of the society, COSMOTE Romania is also involving its employees, customers, suppliers and business partners in different initiatives and programs which respond to the Romanian social environment requirements. In 2013, COSMOTE Romania continued the Earth Hour challenge for its customers and employees and and for every old mobile phone and accessory collected for recycling in COSMOTE and Germanos locations since March 23rd until September 2013, the company planted a tree and will grow it in the COSMOTE forest.


With the help of 76 employees and volunteers, COSMOTE Romania planted at the end of October 2013 a total of 7,000 saplings, out of which 2.436 trees were resulted from the collection of old terminals and accesories. The planting action was developed near Ploiesti in collaboration with MaiMultVerde Association and S.C Servicii de Gospodarie Urbana Ploiesti S.R.L.