Samsung wants to obtain 157 tons of rare metals from the recovered Galaxy Note 7 units

- Adrian Ungureanu

Samsung Electronics announced on their official website that they will recycle resources for from the recovered Galaxy Note 7, expecting to recover over 157 tons of rare metals.

Samsung Electronics relaunched Galaxy Note 7 as Galaxy Note FE, which minimizes waste of resources by utilizing unopened Galaxy Note 7 and unused parts, and the rest of the recovered products will be recycled starting this month.

Samsung has decided to separate and reuse key reusable components such as OLED display modules, memory semiconductors, and camera modules through eco-friendly processing methods, some of which will be used as service materials and the remaining parts will be sold.

In addition, through the recycling and recycling process, it is estimated that about 157 tons of gold, silver, cobalt, and copper will be recovered in addition to the parts.

Samsung Electronics is planning to cooperate with domestic and foreign companies to extract and recycle electronic parts.