3GB of RAM for all 2017 iPhones – 7s Plus might get two batteries inside

- Adrian Ungureanu

Apple is expected to unveil three iPhone this year. Two of them will be iPhone 7s and 7S Plus, the upgraded versions of last year’s iPhone 7 series. The third one will be the much anticipated anniversary iPhone 8/X/Pro, that will mark 10 year of iPhone history.

From the latest rumors we find that Apple decided to step up the game regarding the amount of RAM installed on its smartphones and it might equip all three iPhones that will be launched in autumn with 3 GB of RAM. This is something that can actually be done with no problems.

But, there’s also some new information regarding the iPhone 7s Plus that seems a little bit odd. As noted in the title on this article, the 7s Plus might get a two batteries pack inside. This information is strange, as the choice of a bigger with more “juice” seem more logical and it really hard to imagine how Apple will fit two batteries inside the phone without making it thicker.

Well, there still like 5 months until the unveiling, so we have plenty of time to sort all these aspects that definitely needs to be explained.