3G and LTE network in European planes, if the airline accepts


Starting today, airlines will have permission from the European Commission to deploy 3G and LTE (4G) networks on their planes. Smartphones, tablets and e-readers already got the green light to be used during take off and landing within Europe and certains airlines allowed passengers to connect to 2G networks only for calls and texts. From now on, with the full approval and blessing from the European Commission, people will be able to check themselves in from the plain. How cool is that?!


Not so cool, because the speed data is not the same as it is on the ground, no matter of the capacity of the 3G or LTE, so every attempt to connect to the Internet will be slowed down. As a response to this problem, some companies are developing a technology compatible to the LTE network. Maybe the best part of this is that it won’t cost you a fortune to connect to an in-flight cellular network.


The European Comission doesn’t give you the right to acces the Internet on European flights, but gives the European airlines the right to offer these services and to change their in-flight rules.

Source: the verge