3-2-1-Zombies! They’re out now, so get running!


Today indie-developer, Survivalist Games, is pleased to announce that their new procedural endless runner, “3-2-1-Zombies!”, is available to download now on the Apple App Store and Google Play.


Dodge, bounce, stumble and dash along the neon streets – racing to escape the infected that are snapping at your heels.


Beat Your Best Distance

As you progress, the game play in 3-2-1-Zombies gets faster and faster, and the zombie hordes accumulate behind you. Can you beat your best distance and escape the clutch of the undead?


Buy Power-ups To Give Yourself An Edge

Collect coins and gems to spend on power-ups that you can use to help to advance your runs. Take along some squeaky chew toys that help to distract the zombies, some fresh new trainers to maintain your momentum, or coin frenzy, that helps rack up the cash.



  • Tilt based controls (on supported devices, with touch alternative)
  • Quirky, low-poly graphics
  • Procedural tracks; no 2 runs are ever the same
  • Exciting power-ups, from chew toys to coin frenzy
  • Easy to learn, nightmarish to master
  • Catchy, energetic retro soundtrack
  • Flappy Bird meets Crossy Road with zombies in this fast and frantic survival challenge


About Survivalist Games

Survivalist Games is a 1 man indie games studio based in the North West of England. A veteran of the games industry, with almost 8 years experience, Chris Roberts has worked on a number of core and indie titles. Games have been a lifelong passion for Chris, and Survivalist Games is his opportunity to make his mark in a frenzied industry.




Website: http://www.survivalistgames.co.uk/3-2-1-zombies

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/SurvivalistGames

Twitter: https://twitter.com/SurvivalistGame

Indie DB: http://www.indiedb.com/games/3-2-1-zombies

Source: survivalistgames.co.uk