$1,300 Apple Watch Series 3 Edition scratches easier than a $300 Tissot

- Adrian Ungureanu

There’s a big prices gap between the two models tested by Zack Nelson at JerryRigEverything, and I understand that the technology behind Apple’s device comes with a cost, but when it’s prices at $1,300 you can put a sapphire crystal at least as good as on a $300 Tissot, right?

The two watches were scratched with the same Mohs picks, but the more expensive device was the first to concede, as it’s sapphire crystal is no more resistant to scratches than Gorilla Glass 5 is.

Typically, the Gorilla Glass 5 which is installed on the latest smartphones start to scratch using a Mohs 6 pick, and sapphire should be more resistant, conceding at Mohs 8. And you can see for yourselves in the video bellow. The test even got Zack wonder if it really is a sapphire crystal.